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 Jaiz Music - Hip Hop/Rap Artist And Lyricist


  • “The impact of Jaiz continues to grow, and the sky is the limit for this promising artist.”
    — Niji Magazine

  • “Radio friendly stylings”
    — Pandora

  • “His music is organic and real rather than manufactured.”
    — Songs Of Love Foundation

  • “Music is life, and Jaiz brings music to life with his words.”
    CMLapse Ent., ThisIs50

  • “He comes through with a good level of energy and both complement one another. In “Angel” he’s flying solo and you can hear the passion in every line. Usually songs like this come through with ease, but this one is like a shark attack and fierce. “Say No to Drugs” This sounds like a completely different artist as he is more like a LMFAO. As soon as you think you’ve got this rapper figured out, we get into “Rise” and are welcomed by a vocal performance.”
    Kendra Beltran, Da Hip Hop Place

  • “Selected from our 2nd National Reverbnation campaign, we give Jaiz much more credit than expected. With a variety of different styles of music he makes, he sure those have a fan base to back up with work.”
    — Underground Hip Hop Blog

  • “Tired of cliche hip hop? Check out Jaiz!”
    Amanda Aselia,

  • “'Jaiz, Hip-Hop/Rap Artist With Substance And Depth, A Breath Of Fresh Air'”
    — ArtistPR

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